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Leverage our extensive experience and knowledge to expand your idea or business is excited to now offer personalized consulting for cryptocurrency technologies and business development. Our experts can provide invaluable insights for your idea, business, or platform to succeed.

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Why Us?


With a combined 20+ years of experience in business development and the crypto space, each of our consultants has an impressive list of accomplishments, and brings unique qualities to the table.


We are passionate about what we do, and want to help the cryptocurrencies grow and succeed. Every useful application out there expands the value of the network.


Our consultants have extensive knowledge in a variety of specialized areas. Whether it’s development, launching a product, or capital investment, we can help.

Our Consultants

Roger Ver Bitcoin Consultant

Roger Ver

CEO of

After founding several successful companies in Silicon Valley, Roger began his Bitcoin journey in February 2011. Years before traditional venture capital firms became involved, he became the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin related-startups, nearly singlehandedly funded the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses. His current investments include,,,, and many many others. In his free time, he enjoys competing in Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments.

Mate Tokay Bitcoin Consultant

Mate Tokay

COO of

Mate is an entrepreneur at heart. In 2012, he graduated from the International Business School in Budapest. After college, he helped launch Superior14 a food supplement company. Mate first heard about Bitcoin in late 2012 and began bitcoin mining in mid-2013 using custom-built ASIC miners. Later he founded the Bitcoin news and review website called Bitcoinist. His ultimate goal and passion is to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible. He loves traveling to conferences and meeting new people. Mate was also a former wakeboard world champion.

Daniel Kelman Bitcoin Consultant

Daniel Kelman

Legal Counsel

Daniel began his career at a New York law firm. He later moved to Taiwan where his Internet-based practice focused on counseling e-commerce entrepreneurs. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and saw an opportunity for a meaningful career promoting economic freedom. After getting Goxxed, he moved to Tokyo to represent creditor interest after Mt Gox's bankruptcy.
He spends most of his time in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Daniel enjoys a good adventure.

Natalia Ra Bitcoin Finance Consultant

Natalia Ra


Natalia has been passionate about entrepreneurship and the digital economy since her college days when she helped organize a venture capital forum for the early dotcom entrepreneurs. She started her career in strategy consulting and later channeled her passion for entrepreneurship working for early and growth stage companies in media, publishing and hospitality industries.

In August 2016, she was asked to cover the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space for social media and emerged a believer in the massive potential of blockchain based technologies ever since.

Emil Oldenburg Bitcoin Consultant

Emil Oldenburg


Emil started out in the ISP business, working with networks, data centers, and server operations. He then started working as a security consultant at the non-bitcoin-related company Bitsec in Sweden.

After working for two years as a security specialist at Nasdaq OMX, he decided to get involved in Bitcoin and founded the Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello in 2013. He moved to Japan in 2014 to work with the bitcoin security company WizSec that helped with the independent Mt Gox investigation. He then started working with Roger building as one of the first employees.

Shaun Chong Bitcoin Mining Consultant

Shaun Chong

Mining Product Manager

Shaun is a Bitcoin enthusiast and has been actively mining since 2011, including during his studies in High School. He studied computer science in University of Western Australia, then joined in August 2016 to develop Pool.

Shaun's tenacity for scalable solutions and attention to detail have allowed the Pool to grow into one of the leading cloud mining pools in the space.

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